Nautical Design Department has been found on 2009 and is the first programme in its own field to be set in Turkey and in the world. It is foreseen that the education language will be English from 2012-13 Academic Year on. The Yachting sector with its rapidly ranging structure and improvements for research, development and investment capacities in the sector is bringing prestigious gains to the countries. The outshining part if the nautical design is that it is a naval programme. In this manner through the common work fields in civil and martial, nautical design is coming from the same family by nature. Through elementary level engineering knowledge, the department’s focus area is nautical design and interiors where interior designing is important among all sea vehicles.


This bachelor programme is aiming to raise designers and scholars who are capable of designing a sea vehicle through combined knowledge of architecture, interior and industrial design, sensible for the culture and environment, and are capable of using and developing modern technology. The department targets to upgrade the respect to the design field and creating consciousness about maritime and nautical design through the country’s geographical potential and advantages in the industry’s closeness as well as contributing to the nautical design field local and globally.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Aziz GÖKSEL
Head of Department