Dr. Arch. Maria Carola Morozzo della Rocca e di Bianzè CV

University assistant-professor of Industrial Design at DSA (Department of Sciences for the Architecture) of Università degli Studi di Genova,

Instructor at Master Degree Naval and Nautical Design of Università degli Studi di Genova,

She had her undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field of architecture and  specialized in naval and nautical design.Participated in vocational studies with international exchange programs in the United States.She made many publications on issues such as technology, materials and innovation. Conducted interdisciplinary scientific researches and projects with the support of various organizations. She took responsibility in the design and application of many nautical and naval projects. She is a member of the Architects’ Association of the Province of Genova. She has been involved in the following courses:

- Studio workshop of Naval Design 2 (Università degli Studi di Genova, Bachelor of Industrial Design, Curriculum of Naval and Nautical Design),

- Representation Techniques (Università degli Studi di Genova, Faculty of Engineering, Bachelor of Nautical Engineering, La Spezia),